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Did you know…?

Good design and we are talking only of good design - is a powerfully persuasive tool that will sell you, or your message or your brand, your item or your service immediately. And at its best… it will happen in the mere blink of an eye. Many times it will need to not just send a signal, but deliver immediately, creating an impulse and developing an almost instant need. 

This takes thought-out, crafted creativity from someone who knows. Someone who knows through experience and skill. Knows through hard work and diligence with total focus on the client’s needs. Knows because they have a passion to make it count - every time - for you. Because it matters to us too. Now you know, Excelsior Graphic Design.


And did you know…?          It's 12 seconds. Only 12 seconds. 

That’s it. That’s all we have to make it count. Just twelve seconds to deliver a message, make the sale and create an impulse to read more and trigger the call, the email, the buy or the reaction. In a world full of shoddy attempts to do this, no one inspires and captivates more for their clients than us. All of our highly experienced team are experts in finding, developing and ‘designing in’ these unique marketing triggers. So that your campaign, or your brochure, or your banner and your message competes at the top and fires imagination and sparks reaction in much less than twelve seconds.  After all, why wait around for 12…






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