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Your organisations branding is the visual identity it communicates in a very competitive market be it a large or small organisation.  If you get your brand identity right and your message is clear you are on a winning stretch.


There are some key points to consider when creating your brand, remember this is your companies journey, this is what you will want your potential client to see, think and remember.

  • Great logo design using colours, font styles, emblems and icons can be achieved with the right correct elements.
  • Make sure it is it unique and is not confused with another company?
  • Remember it only takes 12 seconds.... to capture a potentional clients interest, but up to 6 impressions before they act on what they see.
  • Use a tag line on all your material, and keep your message consistent in all your communiations. 
  • Keep all publicity material, fresh, up to date and use vibrant imagery to help engage your potential client.
  • If you make a claim or a promise in your material, make sure you stick to it.
  • Everyone you communicate with needs to see who you are and represent so keep it consitent. 


















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