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Our Team

Sunil Mistry–Senior Designer

The journey begins with Sunil, a talented and very gifted graphic designer, passionate about design and crazy for anything printable, he is highly experienced, exceptionally creative and uniquely driven designer with a myriad of skills. He is the creative hub forever creating and forever driving the business forward in design innovation. Creating works of art using the latest software, Sunil has a passion for creating things big - billboards, banners, building wraps.  Sunil fell into the world of design, after graduating from a Marketing Degree in London, when his father became redundant from his job and asked him to produce a leaflet for a charity – he has never looked back, Excelsior was born!  



Nagindas Mistry – Retired Printer who refuses to retire!

A veteran of print from Uganda, Nagindas is old school from the days when Letterpress was technology.  Having worked for the MOD and the Savoy, he ran his own office producing printed matter for Charitable Organisations.  Excellent communication skills, and a strong expertise in the production of print materials, including all aspects of typesetting, printing and binding.  These days he enjoys revisiting other veterans of print to discuss “back in the day”



Ash Hirani – Photographer

Fed up of professional drug dealing from the Pharmaceutical industry for the past 18 years, Ash realised his dreams as a photographer when approaching Excelsior to  create his own brand.  Intrigued and excited by what he saw he came on board bringing his photography skills.  Life and nature photography is his forte and with the uniqueness and flexibility of print on various substrates, Ash’s desire is to produce images that are unique and individual bringing out the languages a photograph can speak.



Hansa Mistry

A talented individual with an eye for detail and design. With years of experience in the Printing world, she has the ultimate visual imagination which provides the foresight into how things will come together. Hansa has a background in retail and provides the valuable customer focus which helps us to keep our client base loyal and forever growing. She provides the enthusiasm behind the promotions and marketing campaigns and as a mother of two, she has the skills to multi-task whilst dealing with a demanding client base. Being a creative business, where creativity and design are core,  it is easy to drift into the clouds and Hansa is very much the grounding force for the business.

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